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Our team A dedicated, experienced and innovative team.

Serge : Joining the company 20 years ago, Serge now leads the accounting and financial teams. He likes daring and optimistic people who commit themselves to developing a project and implementing it through a strong belief in the culture of result.  

Isabelle : After 20 years spent in the sectors of Human Resources and interconnected Retail as a sales and marketing manager, Isabelle joined the group in 2012 as an associate and took the lead as MD and Head of Operations. Driven by development, she likes to take projects from the drawing board to their go-live.

Bruno : With 18 years of strong experience of managerial networking with international groups, Bruno bought his first company in 2009 to build RETAIL GLOBAL SOLUTIONS.                           Driven by challenge, he enjoys working as a team where he likes to develop his creativity, enthusiasm and organizational skills.

The head office team

Our team members build on 2 fields of expertise :

  • Consulting role: Human Resources, administration, accounting, managing
  • Operational role: initiatives in stores, training

The field team

Every day and all over France we deploy and involve our team in the very heart of points of sale. Each year our teams are in contact with more than 12 million consumers.

Our corporate values what drives us in our day-to-day business?

  • High-level performance: our knowledge of key issues encountered in points of sale, enable us to give you the market-driven business approach your brand needs.
  • Respect: building the perfect triangle with self-respect, respecting others and respecting the work environment is what drives us.
  • Confidentiality: confidentiality is the cornerstone of a long-term relationship. This is also why our customers have trusted us over more than 25 years.
  • Adapting: one of our strengths is to suggest bespoke solutions and to adjust our support processes to each situation..
  • Innovation: innovate is to understand, be creative and push things forward. To us, it comes naturally!

Our mission Leader in France of management and delegated brand management.

Through 25 years of experience in Management and delegated Brand Management, Retail Global Solutions is a group that delivers services to the Retail actors be they either a trade name or a brand name.

From operational consulting to business management not forgetting recruitment and training, Retail Global Solutions is present at each stage of the life cycle of the point of sale by providing services based on the needs of every actor in the retail business. Retail Global Solutions manages over 2.500 points of sale in mainland France and the overseas departments.

Our expertise The RETAIL expertise to serve performance

Retail Global Solutions is the only partner for Business Networks and Brands to have a global approach of the point of sale.

This to:

  • Simplify your day-to-day operations by outsourcing all or a part of your Network.
  • Jointly assess talent management to select and increase team skills.

Trust our recommendations to develop your Network and optimise its market position.

Our references