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Delegate the management of your point of sale and your network Free yourself from operational constraints.

Retail Global Solutions offers a real alternative to the way you run your points of sale.

From the very start our group developed itself around a model suggesting a wide scope of advantages: releasing operational and managerial constraints, overall mastering of your network and your Brand Name. We act as an innovative and creative leader to develop a proven and differentiating model for operational management of points of sale.   

By relying on our delegated management of points of sale consultants, you stay focused on the challenges of the core of your business. From the implementation of your commercial policy to the administrative management of your personnel, but not forgetting accounting, Retail Global Solutions provides the services cut for the leading Retail actors.

Your benefits :

  • Variability of the Trade Name’s structure costs

  • Responsible social management

  • Respect of fundamental principles of the Trade Name

Get the support for the opening of your point of sale Gather all the favourable conditions to build a successful launch !

The success of the launch of a point of sale depends on a mastered support before, during and after its opening. Retail Global Solutions helps your manager during the first days of the opening of his new branch.

Our coaches are at his side to lessen the uncertainties of the first moments and enable him to stay focused on the success of the launch.

Our achievements :

  • Opening of a new point of sale
  • Arrival of a new operator
  • Brand change

Your advantages :

  • Offer successful conditions to the start of the commercial operation
  • Stay focused on business relationship management
  • Be supported by a team of experts

Take over of the operations of a point of sale for a short term Guarantee the on-going running of your store.

Keep away from an incident or a complication which could slow down or damage the good running of your point of sale.

Retail Global Solutions addresses critical situations you could face : financial failure of the operator, hiring shortage, personal events in the life of the operator affecting the sustaining of the activity…

Retail Global Solutions ensures you with the taking over of operations within a time frame of 24 hours in France and as part of a framework agreement. We will operate your point of sale until a permanent operator takes over.

Your advantages :

  • Follow through of the business operations
  • Staff take over
  • Swift action

Take over the management of a point of sale for a transitional period Alleviate the occasional absence of your managers.

A health issue, a holiday leave, an incentive trip : your managers could be away.

Retail Global Solutions finds, for your operator, the perfect professional to replace the manager and makes sure he can confidently take a break.

Our services are made to fit the needs of your operator:

Made-to-measure: each request is different so we suggest several replacement options be they binding or non-binding based on your needs.

Professional: we suggest a replacement solution thanks to a professional who is aware of the risks of your trade. He will know how to adapt to the specificities of your point of sale and ensure the good running of social and commercial relations until you come back.

Your advantages : 

  • Customized services ensured by professionals
  • Carrying the operations through to avoid losing loyal and regular customers
  • Peace of mind guaranteed during the manager’s leave