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Hire the staff of your trade name Surround yourself with high-profile teams

Retail Global Solutions manages your entire hiring process or a part of it: for the different positions of your point of sale or supporting positions at the head of your network.

We have packaged proposals to address your hiring issues to be as close as possible to your mission statement.

Our aim is to call on our hiring knowledge and our multichannel sourcing to efficiently find talents in line with your company identity and values.

Choose from one of our packages giving you the hiring solutions you require.

Learn more about our hiring offers

Your advantages :

  • Saves time: during the interview with selected candidates and following your criteria
  • Needs are respected: one-time or recurring hirings, passive applicants, managing spontaneous applications
  • ROI : mastered hiring costs, budget visibility for future recruitment needs.

Asses the skills of your teams Prepare the skill development or your personnel

Based on the strategic guidelines of the brand name, Retail Global Solutions undertakes the skill assessment of your teams and gives you the support to define the necessary development that will match job opportunity with requested skills.

We will deliver recommendations to boost the skills amongst your outlet personnel and/or network managers so they adapt better to your business issues.

Your advantages :

  • Mapping out of current skills
  • Outlining a roadmap for actions to be implemented
  • Helping global performance development within the business

Train your network personnel Make the human asset grow

Our training modules are based on gamification and interaction. This will develop learning skills to better understand operational and sales networking trades. They focus around 4 main subjects:

  • Marketing / Sales: develop the business value, put the customer at the heart of the business and highlight “customer experience”
  • Management / Human Resources: Highlight the human asset, match personal success with team performance
  • Health and safety hazards: Grasp the security risks and install a policy of prevention
  • Accounting  / Management: Know the basics of simple bookkeeping to analyse the figures of operations
  • Our training modules are all customizable to fit your needs.
  • Discover our training modules.

Your advantages :

  • 100% Retail training
  • Strengthening performance development
  • Anywhere in France