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Strategic consulting Get a long-term vision.

Retail Global Solutions helps you redefine your strategical orientations to lay out the opportunities and development levers of the value of your business network.

By developing an action plan we are committed to giving a truly operational dimension to our strategy recommendations so that these be soundly implemented with your teams.
By doing so you will be able to identify your potential and reach a projective vision for your growing industry opportunities.

Areas we focus on :

  • Launch of products or services
  • Pricing strategies
  • Policy of diversification
  • ​Business plan

Your advantages :

  • A rigorously built approach
  • Understanding the performance levers
  • ​Turnkey recommendations

Development consulting Expand your business.

Retail Global Solutions gives you the support you need to expand your trade name in France.
We help you define and word your business development strategy not only in terms of business network orientations but also for the operational performance of your points of sale.

Areas we focus on :

  • Setting up and developing business networks
  • Sales development strategy
  • Review of the performance of your shop concepts

Your advantages :

  • Take a step back from corporate practices
  • Boost commercial development
  • Understanding the performance levers

Organizational consulting An adapted organizational method.

Retail Global Solutions helps you define your strategical orientations. From the results of this targeted assessment process we help you re-position your organization to achieve future business goals.

We assess the business processes and competencies to deliver recommendations to maximize resource and organization development that will be needed to reach future goals.

Areas we focus on :

  • Optimizing the business network organization
  • Defining job descriptions
  • Re-engineering the business processes
  • ​Change management

Your advantages : 

  • Take a step back from corporate practices
  • Customized approach
  • Acquiring ready-to-use tools

Operations performance consulting Develop the operational qualities of your network.

After a business performance improvement diagnostic of your network, we identify the opportunities and levers of development for your network’s value.
Retail Global Solutions helps you optimize your brand effectiveness and efficiency to accelerate brand growth and match your development ambitions.

Areas we focus on :

  • Operational Benchmarking of your points of sale
  • Continuous cost improvement
  • Purchasing strategy
  • ​Operational control of points of sale

Your advantages : 

  • Understanding the performance levers
  • Draw out of a clear and ready-to-use plan of action
  • Rapid return on investment